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Power Rangers Merchandise Announcements from SDCC 2017


Power Rangers Merchandise Announcements from SDCC 2017


A plethora of new Power Rangers merchandise was revealed at SDCC 2017 from Bandai, Fisher-Price, and Pop Culture Shock.

Just as they did during Power Morphicon 2016, the folks at Saban Brands and representatives from their partner brands had another Power Rangers Power Hour of toy and collectible reveals. The panel featured new toys and collectibles from statue maker Pop Culture Shock, Imaginext brand Fisher-Price, and of course, Bandai America. Also shown at the panel were looks at the newest additions to NWay’s Power Rangers Legacy Wars mobile game.

Fisher-Price announced two new additions to the Imaginext series. Fans have been asking for Titanus to be represented in the line, but of course, a Titanus in scale with the huge Megazord toy would be the size of a Powerwheels Jeep. To include Titanus but not break the bank, Fisher-Price will be releasing Titanus in the smaller scale Zord series, and include a figure version of the Megazord that can ride on its back. A two-pack of Thunder Megazord and Pirantis figures are also in production.

Pop Culture Shock made waves with the announcements of their life-sized White Ranger bust and continues to show off amazing new products at SDCC 2017. Digital mock-ups of the company’s smaller bust line includes a TV lineup of the Green, Pink, and Black Rangers, while their movie lineup brings the Red Ranger and Rita Repulsa to collectors’ shelves. The main focus was put on the new smaller scale Lord Drakkon bust, the main antagonist of the first large story arc of BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series.

Also announced is a new statue of the Green Ranger mounted on the Dragonzord’s tail. The statue is slated to come with swappable arms to pose him playing the Dragon Dagger, wielding the Dragon Dagger as a weapon, or wielding the Sword of Darkness. The statues are still in the design phase and are subject to change. Our friends at TokuNation did an extensive photo shoot of the prototypes at their booth.

Bandai America naturally had the biggest presence, with a focus on the collectible Legacy toy line. A new entry into the Legacy toy line is individual Legacy Dino Zords. These toys will be Legacy quality action figure versions of the individual Dino Zords for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1. They do not have the ability to combine but allow fans to have hyper poseable versions of their favorite Zords.

Fans have been demanding something outside of Mighty Morphin in the Legacy line. Fans finally get their wish with the announcement of Legacy Zeonizers, the morpher from Power Rangers Zeo, and the Gold Power Staff, the morpher and weapon of the Gold Zeo Ranger. The Zeonizers are still in the base prototype stages while a completed prototype of the Gold Power Staff was on display at Bandai’s SDCC booth.

The next two waves of Bandai America’s Legacy Figure Collection were also revealed. Wave six will contain the White Dino Thunder Ranger, Silver Space Ranger, and three heavily requested characters, the Red, Blue, and Pink Psycho Rangers from Power Rangers In Space! Wave seven will contain the Yellow and Black Psycho Rangers, as well as three unannounced figures. The Silver Space Ranger, Red Psycho Ranger, Blue Psycho Ranger, Yellow Psycho Ranger, and Black Psycho Ranger will contain build-a-figure pieces for Alpha-5, the line’s first non-Megazord build-a-figure. The Pink Psycho Ranger will contain the Savage Sword from their appearance in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

None of the products announced at the panel have exact release dates or prices yet, and more information will be released in the future. If you’d like to watch the entire panel, TokuChris of TokuNation recorded the panel via Periscope.

Source: Nerdist, TokuNation

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