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GARO: Kami no Kiba 2018 Movie Announcement


GARO: Kami no Kiba 2018 Movie Announcement


GARO Project reveals details, posters, and still photos of the upcoming GARO: Kami no Kiba movie. 

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Set to premiere in 2018, GARO: Kami no Kiba will feature Ryuga Dougai wielding the power of the Golden Knight, Garo once more and will be directed by GARO creator Keita Amemiya.

Wataru Kuriyama expressed his feelings on portraying Ryuga once more: “When I received the script, I knew I did everything I could do as Ryuga, everything in the series would reach its pinnacle. The familiar family feeling returned as so many of the cast and staff from The One Who Shines in Darkness worked on this movie. I think the fans will be surprised when the additional cast members are announced and will enjoy what kind of story it will be. Please look forward to it.”

The film will open at Shinjuku Wald 9’s cinema and have many roadshows following it. More details to be announced at a later date.

Source: GARO Project Press Release

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