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Jackie Chan to Portray Sharkie Chan in Gekiranger: 10 Years After V-Cinema


Jackie Chan to Portray Sharkie Chan in Gekiranger: 10 Years After V-Cinema


Jackie Chan has been announced to portray the human form of Sharky Chan in upcoming Gekiranger V-Cinema.

The character of Sharkee Chan, originally inspired by Jackie Chan in Juken Sentai Gekiranger, will come full circle when the one and only Jackie Chan makes his debut in Super Sentai as the loveable shark. That’s right, Chan is playing Chan in the most Chan way possible.

shark jackie chan

When asked about how he was approached for the role, Jackie Chan stated “I was told that Chris Tucker was already signed on for the film. But I haven’t seen him anywhere on set. Also, I’m not sure why I’m in Japan right now but it’s pretty cool.”

In the script, Sharki Chan returns to teach Jan how to use 3 swords instead of two. When asked on how he would prepare for the role, Chan stated “Originally, I figured I would just make it up as I went along since, ya know, Sharkie is Jackie. But then I was told that this wasn’t the Jaws reboot film or Sharknado 7 and immediately called my agent.”

Ryuta Tasaki was reported to be attached to the film. Jackie commented on his experience with the seasoned tokusatsu director, “For about 3 and a half hours, I could have sworn the director was Brett Ratner. They look surprisingly similar”.

Also, I just looked up Sharkey Chan’s voice actor, Hiroya Ishimaru, and the dude is basically the Japanese voice actor for Jackie Chan I mean, he even did the voice for Lei Wulong in the Tekken series, a character also inspired by Chan so basically this dude is my new hero now.

When asked for further comment on the role, I was told by Jackie’s legal team that they are pursuing lawsuit. I am currently writing this while on the run. Come on, Jackie, don’t do this to me. I even watched Accidental Spy for you. Oh crap, they’re here!

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