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Ultraman Orb Director: Viewers Have Only Seen 3 of Orb’s “10 Episodes”


Ultraman Orb Director: Viewers Have Only Seen 3 of Orb’s “10 Episodes”


At an event promoting the recent Ultraman Orb movie, series director Kiyotaka Taguchi made a surprising reveal.

The cast and crew of Ultraman Orb: Lend Me the Power of Your Bonds! appeared on stage at Shinjuku Piccadilly where the director made a surprising announcement. Taguchi, who has a self professed “love for monsters”, talked about Orb as being one of the most successful Ultraman series in years and thanked all of those involved with the production of the series and prequel series, Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga.

Director Taguchi announced then that he and writer Takao Nakano crafted the “Ultraman Orb 10 Episode plan”. The project frames Orb as a 10 part saga of which the viewers have only seen three parts. Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga is episode 1 while the TV series and movie are episodes 6 and 7. Various episodes cover the changes certain characters undergo such as Juggler’s change from The Origin Saga to the TV series. Taguchi revealed the production of further episodes depends on the success of the movie and asked for everyone to support it.

Ultraman Orb’s movie opened at 7th over the weekend in Japan, opening stronger than the last two years of Ultraman movies.

Source: MyNavi

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