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Ever Green Entertainment Terminates Yusuke Yamamoto’s Contract

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Ever Green Entertainment Terminates Yusuke Yamamoto’s Contract


Yusuke Yamamoto’s agency, Ever Green Entertainment, has terminated his contract due to a breach of contract.

On March 21st, Ever Green Entertainment released a statement announcing Yusuke Yamamoto’s contract termination. His agency did not release specific details on how the contract was violated but stated he did not break the law.

Due to a series of various circumstance up to this day, we have determined that Yusuke Yamamoto does not meet the standards of our company. We consider him in violation of his contract, and have decided to terminate the contract for this reason.

Yamamoto previously played Tsurugi Kamishiro/Kamen Rider Sasword in Kamen Rider Kabuto and starred in many popular live-action series.

Source: JPop Asia

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