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Masayuki Deai Wins Best Supporting Actor at London International Film Festival


Masayuki Deai Wins Best Supporting Actor at London International Film Festival

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The tokusatsu alum brings back an award from the London International Film Festival 2017. 

Masayuki Deai was recently honored with the Best Supporting Actor in a Foreign Language Film at the London International Film Festival for his role as Ryuzo Iwasaki in The Lady from Satsuma.

The film  is a generational story that centers around a restaurant named, The Lady from Satsuma and its founding to the present day forty five years later, from the grandmother to the grandson, and from before the Second World War to present day.

Deai is also known for his roles as Eiji Tataoka/Bouken Silver in GoGo Sentai Boukenger and Tessai/Shinya Tsukouchi/ Kyoryu Grey in Zyuden Sentai KyoryugerThe Tokusatsu Network was honored to have him as one of our first interviews, along with his Kyoryuger Spirit Ranger cast mate, Robert Baldwin.


Source: Film Fest International’s Official Twitter

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