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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Candy Toy SG Rider Gashat 01 Released


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Candy Toy SG Rider Gashat 01 Released

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Bandai Candy released the first series of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid SG Rider Gashats.

Shokugan, otherwise known as “candy toys” to non-Japanese-language fans, are series of Bandai products that, as the name suggests, often come with a piece of candy included with a small, simple toy.

Shokugan versions of the collectible Kamen Rider gimmick of the year is nothing new, and the Rider Gashat Series has hit Bandai’s affordable “check out lane’ style of release.


The first set of Sound Rider Gashat, aptly titled SG Rider Gashat 01 contains the Mighty Action X Gashat, Taddle Quest Gashat, Gekitotsu Robots Gashat, and Shakariki Sports Gashat. Each Sound Rider Gashat retails for ¥500 at markets across Japan. They are traditionally displayed in boxes of eight assorted Gashat.

As the price would suggest, SG Rider Gashat don’t have all the bells and whistles a traditional DX Rider Gashat would. There are no LEDs in the toy, instead having the design on the screen of the Gashat outlined in color. Pressing the main activation button will cycle through a series of preset sounds. Some sounds, such as the Level 1 transformation sound are truncated, while some others (such as the Level 3 Mighty Action X transformation sound) are omitted all together.

While the SG Rider Gashat are in no way a full on replacement or alternative to the DX Rider Gashat, fans looking for a spare Gashat, something to customize, or use as a cosplay prop, these releases are perfect for that.

More SG Rider Gashat series will be released as the series progresses.

Source: Bandai Candy

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