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RAH Genesis Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Figure Announced


RAH Genesis Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Figure Announced

Medicom Toy has announced the RAH(Real Action Heroes) Genesis Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2. 

Medicom Toy has recently announced the latest addition to their highly detailed Real Action Heroes Genesis figure line, the RAH Genesis Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2. Medicom Toy has included a number of details about the figure.

Like previous figures in the line,  the head’s “Eye Light Scope” emits light with a built in LED. The “Mec Life Guard” chest armor recreates the “Rider Gauge” by precision printing through clear parts. The texture of the “action gear suit” covering the whole body is reproduced with metallic pink and matte black fabric.

The Transformation Belt “Gamer Driver” accessory recreated the Rider graphics in the “High Flash Indicator” on the front. You can insert the included Rider Gashat accessories in the Gashat Slots. The figure comes with Transformation items , “Mighty Action X” and “Gekitotsu Robots” Gashat accessories. The transparent base at the tip of the Gashats are recreated with precision printing. The signature weapon, Gashacon Breaker, accessory reproduces “Hammer mode” and “Blade mode” by part replacement. The “HIT!” Effect plate part is included.

The RAH301 Kai is used for the figure’s body for both the body line and movement. Overall height of the figure is approximately 300mm. Various hand pieces will be included for a variety of poses. A personalized display stand with a metal arm will be included.


The Real Action Heroes No.769 RAH Genesis Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2 was sculpted by Shingo Okamoto, Shimon Koguma, and PERFECT-STUDIO while costume production was by Mieko Akimoto. This figure is priced at ¥ 30,000 excluding tax and will release November 2017.

Source: Medicom Toy

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