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Full Kyuranger Cast Revealed at Anniversary Concert


Full Kyuranger Cast Revealed at Anniversary Concert


Gokaiger cast member M.A.O. returns to play new Ranger character.

The cast of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger made their first public appearance at this year’s LIVE&SHOW anniversary concert celebrating Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Of the nine initial team members, four are considered “alien types” such as beasts and androids. As they are not played by humans on screen, they will be voiced by well known voice actors.


Garu, the blue wolf who is OkamiBlue is voiced by Kazuya Nakai, known as the voice of Zoro in One Piece. Garu is a warrior who has lost his pride after the Jark Matter shogunate killed his friends. His fate might change by meeting Lucky, ShishiRed.


Balance, the technopath TenbinGold, is voiced by Yuuki Ono, who recently finished portraying Jousuke in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. Considered a “proper” mechanical lifeform who is elequant with his words, he is somewhat frivolous. Balance is an emotional warrior who fights alongside his partner, Naga/HebitsukaiSilver.


Champ, the robot built on a manufacturing planet, is OushiBlack, voiced by Akio Outsuka, known for his roles as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear video game series and Batou in the various Ghost in the Shell movies and series. Champ is on a mission to find the man of mystery who killed his creator. He has a speech tick when powering up, yelling “1, 2, 3, Moo!”


Raptor 283, the android pilot WashiPink, is played by M.A.O., otherwise known as Mao Ichimichi, who portrayed Luka/GokaiYellow in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, the 35th anniversary Sentai series. The dedicated pilot of the team’s ship, The Orion, Raptor is prone to delusions and is known to act like a child in various situations.


The team’s commander, the mysterious Shou Ronbou, is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, who has played Levi in Attack on Titan and Jean Bot in Ultraman Zero the Movie and its spin offs. He puts up the front of the strongest warrior ever but is actually more like an old man. He is said to come from a terrible lineage.

Also revealed were more details on the rest of the team.

Lucky/ShishiRed is portrayed by Takumi Kizu. Lucky has all the luck of the universe on his side. He is somewhat naive in his positive thinking, but this turns him into a strong willed person who can turn problems into chances.


Stinger/SasoriOrange is portrayed by Yosuke Kishi. A mysterious warrior, formerly of the Jark Matter shogunate, who one day confronted Lucky and the rest of the team, proclaiming himself to be a Kyuranger. Who is this man really?


Naga Rei/HebitsukaiSilver is portrayed by Taiki Yamazaki. Member of a race who discarded emotions to avoid conflicts. Rei one day encounters Balance and takes an interest in the emotional being, the two now work as partners while Rei studies Balance’s emotions.


Hammy/ChameleonGreen is portrayed by Sakurako Oukuba. A young woman from a race of Ninjutsu masters. She is around junior high age and due to this is very emotional, quick to anger and intense changes in facial expressions. She is treated like the little sister of the group due to being the youngest.


Spada/KajikiYellow is portrayed by Tetsuji Sakakibara. His dream is to become the best cook in the universe, he is currently the team’s cook. Although he is reliable and acts like the team’s father, he has problems being completely sincere with others.

The series will take place in the distant future and for the first time ever feature a team of nine rangers fighting together against the evil Jark Matter, who have already conquered the universe. Team members include ShishiRed, ChameleonGreen, KajikiYellow, SasoriOrange, OushiBlack, OkamiBlue, WashiPink, and the “combi” warriors TenbinGold and HebitsukaiSilver.

Nobuhiro Mori, who has written various episodes for Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Kamen Rider OOO, and Kamen Rider Gaim, is serving as head writer for the first time. TV Asahi producer Motoi Sasaki, who has worked on Sentai as a TV Asahi producer since Engine Sentai Go-Onger, is serving as chief producer. This will be the first time Toei is not in charge of a Sentai’s production.

It was also recently revealed Bandai of America will, for the first time ever, have a hand in the conception of a Sentai series.

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger starts February 12th, one week after Zyuohger’s 48th and final episode.

Source: TV Asahi, Yahoo! Japan

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