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Toei Hero Next Stage Play Announced


Toei Hero Next Stage Play Announced


A sequel production of Toei Hero Next’s We’re the Bounty Hunter Team will be coming to a live-stage audience next year. 

Toei Hero Next is a project by Toei that puts past Sentai and Rider actors into new productions, starting in 2012 with the Kamen Rider OOO‘s cast in Piece ~Fragments of a Memory. 

This latest installment is a stage play sequel to 2014’s We’re the Bounty Hunter Team. Some words for the announcement from the official website:

The Gekidan Bazooka are coming back to the stage.

A new Gekidan called Blues will also appear! The curtain will open to Gekidan vs Gekidan Super Shibai (performance) Taisen.

It’s already the final one?!

The miracle Gekidan Bazooka will cause will change the world! We’re a Bounty Hunting Team becomes eternal!

The cast will include a variety of Super Sentai cast members including:

  • Shogo Suzuki who played Shinken Green in Shinkenger
  • Syuusuke Saito, Kyouryu Black from Kyoryuger
  • Ryouma Baba, Blue Buster from Go-Busters
  • Ai Moritaka, ToQ-5 from ToQger
  • Kaito Nakamura, KiNinja from Ninniger
  • Yamato Kinjo, Kyoryu Blue
  • Atsushi Maruyama, Kyoryu Gold
  • Sotaro, Geki Chopper/Javier from Gekiranger
  • Jin Hiramaki, ToQ-2
  • Tsuyoshi Hayashi, Deka Blue from Dekarangers
  • Shou Tomita, Aba Blue from Abarangers

The play will be directed by Kidatsu Yoshi and written by Yoshifumi Sakai. The music will be by Yasuhiro Misawa, and the action will be supervised by Koichi Sakamoto. We’re a Bounty Hunting Team will hit the stage in Feburary of 2017.

Source: Toei Hero Next Stage

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