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DX Gashacon Keyslasher Revealed


DX Gashacon Keyslasher Revealed

Bandai has listed and released product information about the DX Gashacon Keyslasher. 

Bandai’s official website has released information about the DX Gashacon Keyslasher. This is the deluxe toy version of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s second personal weapon and is used with his Double Action Gamer form. The DX Gashacon Keyslasher is the sixth release in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Gashacon Weapon Series.

The Gashacon Keyslasher is a three mode weapon and each mode is accessed by pressing the corresponding “Mode Buttons”. When a Mode Button is pressed it produces a sound effect;  “Jaja-ja-Kin!” for Blade Mode, “Zu-kyu-kyu-kyun!” for Gun Mode , and  “Su-pa-pa-pan!” for Ax Mode.

The Keyslasher’s finisher is activated inserting the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat into the slot, which will activate the “Double Gashat!” sound and  the “Kimewaza!” standby sound. By pulling the trigger the finishing sound “Mighty Brothers Critical Finish!” is activated.

The Gashacon Keyslasher also allows for two Rider Gashats to be loaded into the slot, this activates additional finisher sounds using the respective Gashat’s genre(ex. “Robots!”, “Action!”)

This DX weapon will be sold for ¥6,264 and released January 21, 2017.

Source: Bandai

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