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Complete Selection Modification New Den-O Belt Announced


Complete Selection Modification New Den-O Belt Announced


Premium Bandai announced the Complete Selection Modification release of Kamen Rider New Den-O Belt, the main transformation device of Kamen Rider New Den-O.

This release marks the first time the New Den-O Belt will be available as a transformation belt toy. Considering the character’s debut was in the 2008 film Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown, fans have been waiting quite a long time to finally own it.

Like most Complete Selection Modification releases, the mold has been modified and updated to closer represent the size and look to the prop used in the films. The New Den-O Belt also features a completely new sound set featuring Kamen Rider New Den-O’s main form, Strike Form, as well as his secondary form, Vega Form.

The New Den-O Belt will also feature over 50 sounds and phrases from Teddy Imagin and Deneb Imagin. Teddy lines include “I’m not tendon, I’m Teddy!” as well as Teddy’s countdown from 10 to 0 as New Den-O strikes down his foes. Deneb voice phrases include “Let’s Go, Kotaro!” and “Want to eat some candy?”.

The New Den-O Belt also features an all new alternating left and right LED in the middle display, a feature the original Den-O Belt toy lacked. The New Den-O Belt is capable of emitting white, yellow, green, and red LEDs. In total the set includes the New Den-O Belt, a Rider Pass, a blank New Den-O Rider Ticket, and a Teddy Imagin Ticket.

Preorders for the Complete Selection Modification New Den-O Belt are currently live and will conclude on February 27th, 2017.

The New Den-O Belt  will retail for ¥14,040 before fees and shipping and will begin shipping in May, 2017.

Source: Premium Bandai

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