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Ultraman Orb Reference File 3: The Mystery of the Lake


Ultraman Orb Reference File 3: The Mystery of the Lake

What secrets were hidden within the second episode of Ultraman Orb? Were you able to find them?

Every week, we’ll cover an Easter egg found within the latest episode of Ultraman Orb. These Easter eggs reference moments from the 50 year history of the Ultraman series. Today, we cover Ultraman Orb’s third episode.

In the third episode of Ultraman Orb, the monster Maga Jappa makes the city’s water smell terrible, causing bath houses all over the city to shut down. During this episode, there are two references to Ultra Seven, the third Ultra TV series.

Episode three of Ultra Seven “The Secret of the Lake”, features the Ultra Garrison investigating a strange object at a lake that turns out to be a UFO.

During the episode of Ultra Seven, an Eleking, marking the monster’s debut, battles the capsule monster Miclas in a lake. Orb and Maga Jappa battling at the lake in the third episode of Orb is a reference to this.

Earlier on in the Orb episode, Jetta writes a blog post for the Something Search People’s website, asking “what’s the mystery of the lake?” directly referencing the title of the third Ultra Seven episode.

The third episode of Ultra Seven (along with the entire series) is streaming with English subtitles on Shout! Factory TV.

Ultraman Orb is currently streaming via Crunchyroll. New episodes with English subtitles are released every Friday at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST to paid users and one week later to users with free accounts.

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