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Shout! Factory TV’s Power Morphicon LIVE Event Details


Shout! Factory TV’s Power Morphicon LIVE Event Details


Shout! Factory TV brings a live steaming event for the 5th biennial Power Morphicon convention, celebrating all things Power Rangers. 

Hosted by Brian Ward, Senior Director of Video Production & Digital Media for Shout! Factory, whose work include Shout! Factory’s Super Sentai and Power Rangers DVD sets, Power Morphicon Live offers live interviews with guests, highlights from the convention floor, and bonus material from Shout! Factory’s Power Ranger releases.

The event will air on the final day of Morphicon, Sunday, August 14th from 10:00am to 3:00pm US-PST on, on Pluto TV, CH 515, and on the Pluto TV app for mobile, tablet, and connected TV devices.

After the live stream, the whole of the event will be available on Shout! Factory TV, alongside their previous live stream from 2014’s Power Morphicon.

Shout! Factory also offers up a special online sale for Power Morphicon weekend, which also includes a chance to win their full three sets of Super Sentai series DVDs: Zyuranger, Dairanger, and Kakuranger.

Source: Press Release, Power Morphicon Live

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