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Legacy Power Sword and More Announced at Power Morphicon’s Bandai Booth


Legacy Power Sword and More Announced at Power Morphicon’s Bandai Booth


Bandai had a Megazord sized presence at Power Morphicon 2016 showing off new Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys and the Legacy Power Sword.

Upon entry into the Exhibit Hall of Power Morphicon, fans are greeted to a large bust of the Dino Charge Megazord printed on the booth wall ahead, with two large printed boxes acting as the Megazord’s fists on either side. Surrounding the rectangular box on the show floor are a number of display cases showing off the latest Power Rangers Dino Super Charge items, the latest in the Power Rangers Legacy line, and of course what’s to come with Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

The main Legacy collection are the first things witnessed upon entering the booth from the main doors. Fans unable to attend San Diego Comic Con get their first glimpse of the Legacy Ninja Mega Falconzord. While similar to the original toy, it features new die-cast pieces and a show accurate sculpt and paint scheme. Joining the upcoming arrival in the case is the Legacy Thunder Megazord as well as the Power Morphicon exclusive black and gold Dino Megazord Legacy Figure Collection toy.

The case to the right held the biggest surprise of the show. Joining the Legacy Communicator and Legacy Morpher on display was the newest addition to the line, the Legacy Power Sword. The Power Sword is the weapon used by the Red Ranger in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Greg Mitchell, Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Management for Power Rangers stated that the toy on display is an incredibly early prototype. Bandai has no set release or price for the toy, but hopes to have it released by Fall of 2017. The company is firm set in releasing as a solid, single piece toy right out of the box, despite the large size.

The beautiful Legacy Figure Collection display at San Diego Comic Con was present this year at Power Morphicon. The display features all seven Mighty Morphin Rangers, the Dino Megazord, the three Wind Rangers, the Storm Megazord, the core five Space Rangers, the Astro Megazord, as well as the Power Morphicon exclusive black and gold Dino Megazord.

Tamashii Nations didn’t have a dedicated booth at Power Morphicon, but one all new item was shown off at the Bandai booth. Revealed at the convention is the Soul of Chogokin Megazord (Daizyujin in Japan). Soul of Chogokin is a larger scale robot line focused on its incredible accuracy and die-cast parts. On display at Power Morphicon were the five main Dino Zords with a teaser in the background stating “Battle Mode activating at NYCC 2016!” implying that either the Megazord Tank Mode or completed Megazord formation will be revealed at the upcoming New York Comic Con. No price or release date was announced, but due to their heavy die-cast construction, Soul of Chogokin items can cost upwards of $250 or more.

While the display wasn’t as big as year’s past, Power Rangers Ninja Steel made its grand debut at the Bandai booth. First on display were the main five Rangers “Action Hero” 5″ scale figures. Fans that followed Ninninger‘s toy line will recognize the three males as the same figures from Japan’s “Ninnin Action” figure series. The girls are all new figures, never having been released in Japan’s line. The girls now feature slits in the skirts to allow for more leg articulation that was previously hindered in figures of the past.

The Ninja Steel Megazord was next displayed next. The toy itself is very similar to the DX Shurikenjin toy released in Japan, but is smaller in scale, lacks the electronics in the shuriken helmet, and uses Bandai America’s iconic Zord Builder system for joints. The toy will still be able to transform into the Dragon Mode seen in the show. Despite the smaller size, the Action Hero line of figures can still sit in the middle chest compartment of the Megazord, much like figures could with the DX Shurikenjin toy.

Finally three main weapons were shown in the case. First is the Ninja Star Blade, Ninja Steel‘s version of the Ninja Ichibantou, the changer for Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Unlike in Japan, the toy will not be the Morpher, but instead be the main side arm sword used by the Rangers. Unlike the Japanese toy, the Power Rangers version will feature an extending blade to give the toy more accuracy in length. A ninja star can be placed on the hilt of the sword to activate different battle sounds.

An unnamed gun weapon was shown, being Ninja Steel‘s version of the Gamagama Jyu from Ninninger. The toy is in the smaller “basic weapon” assortment of toys, and features a more streamlined serious looking face compared to the cute, goofy Japanese release. The gun will be able to shoot the collectible ninja stars from its mouth.

Finally the Ninja Star Morpher is actually the Karakuri Hengen toy from Ninninger. The toy will be able to transform from Star Mode to Claw Mode and Sword Mode. It’s unknown if the Bow Mode from the Japanese toy is still included. The collectible ninja stars can be placed in the middle of the Morpher to activate different sounds and functions depending on the ninja star inserted. This will be achieved by using a similar pin and button system that the Dino Chargers currently use. Each ninja star has a solid plastic base, but features foam around the edges instead of hard rubbery plastic like the Japanese counterparts. Mitchell stated Bandai wanted kids to be able to use the ninja stars like actual ninja stars, so the toys were designed with soft edges to make them safe for throwing. Ninja stars are currently slated to be released in packs containing either three ninja stars or two ninja stars with an included wrist launcher.

While that was all that was shown at the Bandai booth, Saban Brands and Bandai America had a panel this year at Power Morphicon that detailed many more new items for both Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the Legacy Figure Collection, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collectible items.

Source: The Official Power Morphicon

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