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Gamma Eyecon Kanon Fukami Announced


Gamma Eyecon Kanon Fukami Announced


Premium Bandai announced a replica Gamma Eyecon of Kamen Rider Ghost‘s Kanon Fukami. 

Early in the series, Kanon Fumaki was without a physical body and trapped as a Gamma Eyecon. A nonfunctioning replica of Kanon’s Eyecon was already realeased in the first Gamma Eyecon set, but this solo release brings new features and funcitons to the toy.

While the previous toy always had a pink hue to it, the new release will feature the normal Gamma Eyecon look. A button is no located on the back of the Eyecon that will activate one of 45 different phrases voiced by Mio Kudo, Kanon’s actress. Some of these voice clips are taken from early episodes of the series, while others are newly recorded exclusively for the Gamma Eyecon toy release. The front of the Eyecon will glow pink in sync with the voice clips, much like the Eyecon did in the series.

Preorders for the toy have already begun with a release set for December, 2016.

You can preorder the Gamma Eyecon Kanon Fumaki for ¥3,780 before fees and shipping.

Source: Premium Bandai

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