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Upcoming Kamen Rider Exhibits at the Hamamatsu City Museum of Art


Upcoming Kamen Rider Exhibits at the Hamamatsu City Museum of Art


Hamamatsu City Museum of Art to host Kamen Rider themed exhibits and events from July to end of August

The Hamamatsu City Museum of Art in Shizuoka Prefecture will be host to a number of special Kamen Rider themed exhibits and events in honor of the series’ 45th Anniversary.

On August 7th, Toei producer Shinichiro Shirakura will appear for a special “Kamen Rider Production Confidential” lecture about the history of the show’s production.

On August 20th, the museum will host Mitsuru Sugaya from Kyoto Seika University for the “Kamen Rider and my Mentor, Shotaro Ishinomori” lecture.

On July 24th, August 14th, and August 21st, the museum will host meet-and-greets with various Kamen Rider characters for children (limited to 50 attendees per time slot, three time slots per day).

On August 17th and August 24th, a special “Rider Secret Expeditions” hands on event will be held for elementary school age students in both the morning and afternoon. The event will be limited to 20 participants per group.

On July 31st, a special “Can Badge Making” arts and crafts event will be held at 10:30 AM for elementary school students with an entry fee of 100 yen.

On July 16th and July 30th, the Storytelling Association will have a picture book storytelling event.

On August 9th, an open air concert will be conducted by the Kaisei Junior High School Brass Band.

A gallery talk regarding the various Kamen Rider exhibits on display will be conducted by the museum curator on July 22 and August 12th.

Additionally, until the exhibit concludes, the museum itself will be displaying a large quantity of rare Kamen Rider memorabilia, including the original belts and motorcycles.

The museum exhibit will be available until August 26th. If you happen to be in Shizuoka, unless otherwise noted, the events are free with admission and cameras are welcome.


Source: Hamamatsu City Web Page

I saw Kamen Rider Super-1 as a child and have been fascinated by tokusatsu ever since. Learned to read Japanese from Sailor Moon tankobon, and became a magical girl fan. Studied and lived in Japan, and am now working on my Ph.D (but unfortunately, it's not related to giant robots, spandex fightin' men, or magical girls).

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