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This Week in Tokusatsu Fashion [6/10/16]


This Week in Tokusatsu Fashion [6/10/16]

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In This Week in Tokusatsu Fashion, Toku Fashion Critics and the Tokusatsu Network showcase the newest releases in Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and other tokusatsu-themed clothing and accessories.

This last week in toku fashion has included many re-issues of both older items and newer sold-out ones.

Windscale/Kamen Rider W

PicMonkey Collage3344

Three Windscale fall jackets are being re-released, a knit blazer (17,280 yen, August release), a military-style jacket (19,440 yen, August release) and a wool trench coat (18,514 yen, September release).

half and half windscale purses

Half x Half style wallets are being re-released in Black x Purple and Black x Green. The Black x Purple design is available as a key case (9,180 yen), a card case (10,800 yen) and a long wallet (32,400 yen). The Black x Green is only available as a long wallet (32,400 yen). All are August releases.


Philip’s Windscale Earth pendant is being re-released in August for 7,714 yen, while his watch (a collaboration with Red Monkey) will be available once again for September releases (36,000 yen).PicMonkey Collagedsds

In non-Windcale W items, Skull-themed genuine leather wallets are being re-released in a medium (12,343 yen) and long design (25,000 yen ). Both wallets feature the Skull symbol embossed into the leather and are made in Japan.

Other Rider Series


Two t-shirts (left and right) celebrating the upcoming Kuuga Blu-ray release are available for July (both 3,780 yen).drive1

For Drive, both Go’s silver pendant (12,960 yen) and the Drive emblem leather belt (14,040) are being re-released in August.


Red Monkey and Bandai are producing a new Chase collaboration watch (48,600 yen, September relese) which features a sterling silver faceplate and genuine leather.

Super Sentaizyuohger

For Zyuohger, Yamato’s shirts (both long sleeve and short) are now available in a variety of patterns and total of three color variants: white, grey and mix grey. Prices range from 3,240-3,500 yen.

1000105012_1 (1)

A Toqger Toq 1 hoodie is available for June release in both adult (6,156 yen) and kid’s sizes (3,996 yen).

Source and Images: Premium Bandai Fashion

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