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Ultraman Orb Cast and Story Details Revealed


Ultraman Orb Cast and Story Details Revealed


Further details regarding the newest Ultraman show, Ultraman Orb, have been revealed.


The story follows Yumeno Naomi who, after having a strange dream, begins her search for monsters and the mysterious “giant of light” in her dream. Naomi, along with her friends Hayami Jetter and Matsudo Shin, launches the SSP, the Something Search People, to track strange phenomenon. One day while tracking strange weather patterns, the team discovers the Devil King Beast Maga Bassa. When caught in a powerful gust of wind, a vagabond named Kurenai Gai manages to save Naomi.


Gai is actually Ultraman Orb, a warrior who comes from another galaxy. Using the two Fusion Cards and the Orb Ring, Gai is able to transform and become Ultraman Orb. Gai as Orb goes into battle with the newly revived Devil King Beast while Juggler watches from the shadows with his Dark Ring.


Kurenai Gai

Hideo Ishiguro (Kamen Rider Den-O’s Kai) stars in the series as Kurenai Gai, a cheerful vagabond who plays melodies with his Orbnica musical instrument. Gai uses cards containing the powers of past Ultra warriors to become Ultraman Orb. His catchphrase is “My name is Orb! I will shine light in the darkness and shoot evil!”


Yumeno Naomi

Yumeno Naomi, played by Matsuura Miyabi (Sailor Moon: La Reconquista’s Sailor Mercury) is a woman who has dreams about the mysterious giant of light. In order to find the giant, she launches the SSP, the Something Search People, to track strange phenomenon. Naomi takes on various part-time jobs in order to help fund the SSP.


Hayami Jetter

Hayami Jetter, played by Naoto Takahashi (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters’s Morishita) is a friend of Naomi’s from college who dreams of one day becoming a rich celebrity by uncovering the truth behind UFOs. Jetter is in charge of the SSP’s website and photography.


Matsudo Shin

Matsudo Shin, played by Nerio Hiroaki, is SSP’s research analyst. A brilliant man, Shin was able to obtain his doctorate at 23 years old by skipping years in college. What he lacks in common sense he makes up for with knowledge about the latest tech and ancient civilizations.


Jaguras Juggler

Jaguras Juggler is played by Aoyaki Takaya. He is Orb and Gai’s nemesis. A man with graceful poise and smart dress suits who hides a madness in his eyes. He acts from the shadows, using monster cards and the Dark Ring to resurrect the Devil King Beasts Orb fights but his reasons for doing so are unknown.


Shibukawa Ittetsu

Shibukawa Ittetsu, played by Yanagisawa Shingo (Shinji Koba in Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future) is Naomi’s uncle and SSP’s captain. He belongs to the special investigation Beetle Team, also known as VTL (VERSATILE TACTILE LEADER). He is a 5-dan judo practitioner with a strong sense of responsibility who often worries about his niece running after strange phenomenon and diving headfirst into danger.

Ultraman Orb premieres on Saturday, July 9th at 9 AM in Japan, replacing New Ultraman Retsuden, and will run for 25 episodes. Ultraman Orb‘s head director is Kiyotaka Taguchi, who is returning from Ultraman X along with head writers Takao Nakano and Yuji Kobayashi.

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