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New Zyuohger Will Be The Strongest Dark Hero Ever


New Zyuohger Will Be The Strongest Dark Hero Ever


The identity behind the sixth Ranger in Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger has been announced.

Juon Boy Grand Prix Winner Naoki Kunishima has been cast as Mondou Misao, otherwise known as ZyuohTheWorld, who is being called the most powerful dark hero ever.


Kunishima plays Mondou Misao, a Deathgalien assassin sent to defeat the Zyuohgers as the sixth ranger, ZyuohTheWorld. Although human, this new Ranger bares the power of the wolf, crocodile, and rhinoceros Zyumans and is able to switch between three forms. The Ranger’s suit will showcase the three animals he draws his power from and is associated with three colors rather than just one, a first in Super Sentai’s history.

This is Kunishima’s debut into the world of entertainment, a dream he has long pursued. In preparation for the role, Kunishima has been belting out lines from Super Sentai songs alone in a karaoke bar to understand the feelings of Sentai.

Kunishima comments that playing the role of this new character has been a remarkable experience, unlike what he imagined acting in a Sentai to be like. He explains he finds dubbing his character’s in suit voice to be rather scary and considers this role his Super Sentai Series baptism.

Source: Oricon

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