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New Power Rangers Ninja Storm & MMPR Legacy Figure Photos


New Power Rangers Ninja Storm & MMPR Legacy Figure Photos


Press photos of the first collection of Legacy Power Rangers figures featuring characters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Ninja Storm have been revealed via

During Toy Fair 2016, Bandai revealed that they plan to begin a new collection of figures for the Legacy Power Rangers series.  Their plan is to focus on two seasons per year, starting with the Rangers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Photos of the prototype figures weren’t allowed at Toy Fair, but thanks to some early listings (that have since been deleted) from, we have our first look at the first collection of figures.

The first collection of figures includes Mighty Morphin Red, Mighty Morphin Green, Ninja Storm Red, Ninja Storm Blue, and Ninja Storm Yellow. Bandai had previously said the wave was going to include one additional Mighty Morphin Ranger, but it wasn’t found on Walmart if it still being included. Each figure has more articulation than any figure produced by Bandai America, mimicking the level of articulation found in collector’s lines such as Marvel Legends or DC Comics Multiverse, perhaps even surpassing them. Unlike past figures, they are set to have double jointed knee and elbow joints, rotations at the thighs and biceps, ankle tilts, and even an ab crunch.

Photos show each Ninja Storm Ranger including their Ninja Swords to wield, as well as a sheathed version to attach to their backs. Mighty Morphin Red is shown with the Blade Blaster in its holstered mode. Finally Mighty Morphin Green is shown to include both the Dragon Dagger and the Sword of Darkness. At Toy Fair, Bandai mentioned that all main Rangers would include a “Collect and Connect” style Megazord piece that would allow fans to build the main Megazord for that respective season. Unfortunately press photos haven’t shown off what those pieces look like quite yet.

No price and exact release date were listed, but Bandai said they would like to start the series in July. With the press photos already hitting, hopefully a physical release is right around the corner.

Source and Image Source: Tokunation

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