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Low Visibility #2: Kamen Rider Black


Low Visibility #2: Kamen Rider Black

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LowVis2 - Kamen Rider Black2

Hello, TokuNet! Our show for Spring tackles a classic of 80s tokusatsu, Kamen Rider Black

Recorded: March 23rd, 2016

Long before Heisei Rider brought the franchise to annual prominence and unprecedented toy sales success, Toei briefly revived Kamen Rider for the 1980s with Kamen Rider Black. Starring Tetsuo Kurata, this memorable franchise entry combined classic Rider franchise tropes with a very 1980s fascination with apocalyptic themes, the occult, and conspiracy theories. We’ll discuss all this in more detail in this very show, along with:

  • Extensive series spoilers!
  • Kamen Rider Black RX spoilers, too!
  • That moment when we briefly forget the podcast’s email address!
  • Note: spoilers may not be entirely accurate. Settling may occur

As always, Low Visibility is an unscripted discussion podcast where your hosts, Lynxara and MattComix, discuss vintage tokusatsu. We like to talk about what works (and doesn’t work) in a show, compare it to other series, answer Twitter questions, and make cheap jokes.

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Podcast Editor: Jacob Kile – @indigojonesQT

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