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Super Sentai Artisan Doron Changer Announced


Super Sentai Artisan Doron Changer Announced


Premium Bandai has revealed the next entry in the Super Sentai Artisan line, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger‘s Doron Changer.

The Doron Changer marks the eighth entry into the Super Sentai Artisan series, and the second changer released in the series after this month’s release of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger‘s Dino Buckler. While the Dino Buckler was Japan’s rendition of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher, it is unknown if the Super Sentai Artisan Doron Changer will use the original DX toy mold from 1994, or be a whole new molding of the toy.


No other details are known about the toy at this time, other than it is shown to come with all five coins, one for each of the main five Kakuranger characters. The Doron Changer is set to cost ¥10,584 before fees and shipping, and is limited to 6,000 pieces. The toy will release in September, 2016.

More information regarding the contents of the set and features of the toy will be revealed when pre-orders begin on April 28th, 2016.

Source and Image Source: Premium Bandai

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