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Premium Kamen Rider Watches Announced


Premium Kamen Rider Watches Announced

Watch 1

Premium Bandai recently announced a set of watches to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Kamen Rider Series 

With the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider upon us, Premium Bandai decided to pull out all of the stops. These two watches were made with fans of the original Kamen Rider series in mind.

First is the Cyclone Model inspired by Kamen Rider #1’s bike and the second, is the Shocker Model, made with the logo of the evil organization. Both of these watches encapsulate the original series in a very fashionable time-telling piece.

Kamen Rider premiered on April 3rd 1971 and told the story of Takeshi Hongo, a man turned into a cyborg by the evil organization known as Shocker. Hongo vowed to defeat the organization and their battle wages on to this very day.

These watches will cost 37,800 yen a piece and are set to release in July of 2016.

Source and Images: Premium Bandai

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