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BOOM! Studios Renews Deal with ComiXology, Expands to Amazon


BOOM! Studios Renews Deal with ComiXology, Expands to Amazon


BOOM! Studios, publisher of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics, expands its distribution relationship with Amazon.

BOOM! Studios is a major comics publisher known both for its original properties like Klaus and Goldie Vance, and its licensed titles, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and of course, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. These comics, and many more, are available online through digital distributor ComiXology, a subsidiary of Amazon, Inc,

Today, BOOM! and ComiXology renewed their relationship, and expanded their distribution agreement to make their titles available directly through Amazon, readable through Kindle devices and through the Kindle and ComiXology apps.


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, written by Kyle Higgins with art by Hendry Prasetya, is available through ComiXology and Kindle the same day it hits the shelves of comic stores, and the same will be true of the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: PinkBOOM! Studios’ titles take advantage of ComiXology’s Guided View technology, which enables cinematic panel-to-panel reading, as opposed to the traditional page-to-page.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is off to a great start. The first issue was the number two best-selling comic of March according to Comic Book Resources, and the second is one of the top selling titles on ComiXology.

Issues #0, #1, and #2 are available here, and you can also pre-order #3 and Pink #1 at that link.

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