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Premium Bandai Gamma Eyecon Set Ultima Announced


Premium Bandai Gamma Eyecon Set Ultima Announced


Premium Bandai announced another Gamma Eyecon Set featuring Eyecons from Kamen Rider Ghost and the upcoming Kamen Rider #1 film.

Premium Bandai has announced multiple different Gamma Eyecon sets over the last few months, and once again, it is time for another. In total, the set includes five Gamma Eyecons.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.39.03 AM

The Gamma Eyecon Set Ultima is, as the name suggests, centered around the Ultima Gamma form used by both Adele and Javert in the series. The Ultima Gamma Eyecon’s button activates a symbol rotation between the standard blank panel and the Ultima logo.

Next is the Gamma Eyecon belonging to Alexander, a Gamma featured in the Kamen Rider #1 film. It features the standard blank symbol and is gold in color. Also included are two Eyecons belonging to the Gamma Superior, Igor. Both Gamma Change Gamma Eyecons are red in color, one includes the logo of the Knife Gamma, while the other features the standard blank symbol.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.40.16 AM

The final Gamma Eyecon included is Makoto’s Gamma Eyecon. Like other Gamma Eyecons that form the physical bodies of Gamma, it features the articulated tail attached to the back and is Makoto’s signature blue color.

Gamma Set Ultima is set to release in July, 2016 for ¥6,480 before fees and shipping.

Source and Image Source: Premium Bandai

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