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Premium Bandai DX Amazons Driver Set Announced


Premium Bandai DX Amazons Driver Set Announced


Premium Bandai announced a DX toy release of the Amazons Driver, the transformation belt used in the upcoming Kamen Rider Amazons series.

The recently announced Amazon Prime exclusive series Kamen Rider Amazons features the two main characters, Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha and Kamen Rider Amazon Omega using the Amazons Driver to transform into their respective Amazon. A new series means new toys, and Premium Bandai is set to deliver.


The premium web store have unveiled the DX Amazons Driver Set, a DX toy release of the characters’ transformation belts. At this time, little is known about the toy other than it will contain both lights and sounds. Product imagery shows the red eyed Driver, the version of the device used by Kamen Rider Amazon Omega, the “domestic” type Kamen Rider Amazon. Considering the item is labeled as a set, it is likely the toy will be able to swap portions of the belt, or some other method of change, to give the toy the green eyed look of the “wild” type Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha.

More information regarding the toy will be announced when preorders go live on April 1st, 2016. As of this post, there is no scheduled close date for preorders. The Driver will release in August, 2016 for ¥8,100 before fees and shipping.

Source and Image Source: Premium Bandai

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