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Ultra Kaiju Band Garamones CD Released


Ultra Kaiju Band Garamones CD Released


The Garamones held an event on Wednesday to celebrate their debut album.

The Garamones is a band of knitted Ultra Q kaiju who play covers of songs from the Ultra Series‘ long history. The band’s three members are Garamon on vocals and guitar, Alien Kemur on vocals and drums, and Kanegon on vocals, bass, and soroban abacus.

A video of their cover of “Return of Ultraman” was released on March 2nd.

The people behind the kaiju are KANAE, from the knitted band U900, as Garamon, Akinori Suzuki, formerly from Sentimental Bus, as Alien Kemur, and Emi Okamoto from The Science Patrol Orchestra and formerly of The Love Ningen as Kanegon.

Kensuke Nishiura, formerly from Soutaisei Riron, and Masahiro Machida from the 100s also play instruments and play Alien Baltan and Dada on the CD’s mini drama that tells the story of how the fictional band got together.

The story begins:

The Garamones have won the Ultra Song Contest and decide to use the
prize money to produce an album. Alien Baltan comes intending to sabotage
the recording and Dada turns up on behalf of the studio to collect the money.
However, Kanegon accidentally eats the money…

Follow the Garamones on Facebook or Twitter, and purchase the album on Amazon Japan.

Source: Tsuburaya Station

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