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Astro Boy Reboot Project On The Way


Astro Boy Reboot Project On The Way


A new Astro Boy co-production between France, Monaco, and Japan is coming soon.

The project, titled Astro Boy Reboot, was announced in 2014 as a co-production between Tezuka Productions, France’s Caribara Animation, and Monaco’s Shibuya Productions. So far, a teaser trailer and the above poster showing off the new show’s characters have been released.

Astro Boy is one of Japan’s largest multimedia franchises, beginning life as a manga by the legendary Ozamu Tezuka (mentor to Shotaro Ishinomori himself). Astro Boy would go on to have many adaptations, the first of which was the 1959 Mighty Atom tokusatsu.

One of the more notable adaptations is the 2003 anime that was spearheaded by the Konaka brothers, Kazuya and Chiaki, who both have had prolific careers in tokusatsu, most famously Ultraman Nexus and Ultraman Gaia respectively.

Source: Anime News Network

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