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“Kamen Rider #1” Movie Villain and Poster Revealed


“Kamen Rider #1” Movie Villain and Poster Revealed


The poster and movie villain for the upcoming Kamen Rider #1 movie has been announced.

Ren Oosugi returns to his role as Ambassador Hell, whom he last portrayed in the 2009 film Kamen Rider Decade the Movie: All-Riders vs Dai-Shocker. In addition to that, the granddaughter of Tobei Tachibana, Takeshi Hongo’s racing mentor, Mayu Tachibana will be potrayed by Natsumi Okamoto, a Seventeen magazine exclusive model.

The leader of Nova Shocker, Urga, will be potrayed by Tsuyoshi Abe of Assassination Classroom. The cruel Igura will be portrayed by Nao Nagasawa from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger. Lastly, Kozo Takeda will portray the Buffal, a creature who boasts of his strength.

Those who attend the movie screening will receive a Kamen Rider Triple Pack. In collaboration with the snack company Calbee, you will receive “Revival! Kamen Rider Card!”, “Onari Handmade Original Business Card,” and “Ganbarizing Card,” each with different designs and comes in four different sets.

The movie plot is noted below:

45 years ago, a man was subjected to the experiments of the Secret Society Shocker and became a Modified Human. Since that day, the man’s sole mission has been protecting humanity and justice from the threat of Shocker. His name is Takeshi Hongo, the first Kamen Rider.

After a long battle overseas, Hongo hears a certain girl is in danger and immediately returns to Japan. He then meets Takeru Tenkuji, Kamen Rider Ghost, who had been investigating the girl’s whereabouts.

In the wake of this new threat to the world, Takeshi Hongo transforms as his voice cries “Henshin!”

For life, love and future.

The teaser trailer for the movie with English subtitles can be found on the Tokusatsu Network YouTube channelKamen Rider 1 premieres on March 26, 2016 all across Japan.

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Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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