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Premium Bandai Ganma Eyecon Set Details Revealed


Premium Bandai Ganma Eyecon Set Details Revealed



Premium Bandai recently revealed contents and details regarding the previously announced Ganma Eyecon Set from Kamen Rider Ghost

A week ago, Bandai announced the Ganma Eyecon Set with no additional information. Premium Bandai now updated the page as pre-orders went live with all the information regarding the set.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.21.09 PM

The Ganma Eyecon Set will include three Ganma Eyecons in total. Unfortunately each Ganma Eyecon has no lights and no sounds. They also don’t work in the Ghost Driver or other Kamen Rider Ghost toys. Each Eyecon is around 50mm high and 85mm long. The tails on each Ganma Eyecon are on a balljoint, allowing the tails to move.

As mentioned, the set includes three Ganma Eyecons. First is the standard Ganma Eyecon used to possess a human or create a Ganma. This Eyecon features an eye design with a black base. Second is the Ganma Eyecon of Kanon Fukami, Makoto’s (Kamen Rider Specter’s) sister. This Eyecon is the same design, but features a pink translucent plastic to emulate the pink glow of Kanon’s Eyecon. Third is Jabel’s Ganma Eyecon he uses to transform. This Eyecon is very similar to the standard, but features a dark silver base instead of black.

The Ganma Eyecon Set will release in March, 2015. It will cost ¥4,320 before shipping and middleman fees. Pre-orders have already begun. The set is limited to 5,000 units, and will close once the order limit is reached. As a Premium Bandai Exclusive set, be sure to contact your preferred middleman or online shop to preorder before they close.

Source: Premium Bandai

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