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Glitter Force Trailer Released


Glitter Force Trailer Released


The first trailer for Saban’s Glitter Force, an English dub of Smile PreCure has been released.

Saban’s first venture into bringing Toei’s popular PreCure franchise to America has recently uploaded the first trailer for the series onto their official Glitter Force YouTube channel.

The trailer brings us information on the character’s english names, the names of their transformation, the transformation call, as well as our first listen at the english voice cast.

The Glitter Force consists of Emily, Kelsey, Lily, April, and Chloe who transform into Glitter Lucky, Glitter Sunny, Glitter Peace, Glitter Spring, and Glitter Breeze respectively. The show features the five girls protecting Earth and the kingdom of Jubilife from Ulric, the Bafoons, and other evil creatures.

 Glitter Force will premier exclusively on Netflix starting December 18th, 2015 with its first 20 episodes. An additional 20 episodes will be uploaded to the streaming service at a later date in 2016.

Source: Glitter Force YouTube Channel, Press Release

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