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Premium Bandai Unveils ToQ Ressha SP Set


Premium Bandai Unveils ToQ Ressha SP Set


Premium Bandai has announced an all-new set of Capsule ToQ Ressha featuring a number of unreleased Super Sentai Ressha.

The set is titled the ToQ Ressha SP Set and features a total of 22 all-new Capsule ToQ Ressha. For those that didn’t follow the original Ressha Sentai ToQger toy line, the Capsule ToQ Ressha function with the ToQ Changer, but do not include the back ports to plug into any of the DX Robo the toy line had to offer.

The set’s main two releases are the Purple Ressha and the Post Ressha. The Purple Ressha is the repaint of the Build Ressha used by ToQ #7 in the ToQger Returns V-Cinema film. Unfortunately, this makes it appear as though Premium Bandai has no plans on releasing his repainted Applichanger in the future. The Post Ressha is the postal carrier Ressha (in itself a repaint of the Energy Ressha) that was used in “Station 42” to deliver the ToQger’s letters to their hometown.

The other 20 Ressha in the set are the various Super Sentai Ressha that weren’t released in the toy line’s SG and Capsule collections. The pictured Carranger Ressha humorously includes the Turborangers on the side of it.

The set includes:

• Purple Ressha
• Post Ressha
• Super Sentai Ressha Gekiranger
• Super Sentai Ressha Boukenger
• Super Sentai Ressha Magiranger
• Super Sentai Ressha Timeranger
• Super Sentai Ressha Go Go Five
• Super Sentai Ressha Gingaman
• Super Sentai Ressha Megaranger
• Super Sentai Ressha Carranger
• Super Sentai Ressha Ohranger
• Super Sentai Ressha Jetman
• Super Sentai Ressha Fiveman
• Super Sentai Ressha Turboranger
• Super Sentai Ressha Liveman
• Super Sentai Ressha Maskman
• Super Sentai Ressha Changeman
• Super Sentai Ressha Bioman
• Super Sentai Ressha Dynaman
• Super Sentai Ressha Goggle Five
• Super Sentai Ressha Sun Vulcan
• Super Sentai Ressha Denjiman

As stated, all of the above Ressha will not connect to any DX Robo, but are fully compatible with the ToQ Changer. All of the Super Sentai Ressha, just like their previous releases, make the ToQ Changer state the name of the team, and summon that corresponding team Ressha. Unfortunately, the Purple Ressha and the Post Ressha both create more generic sound effects, and aren’t correctly read in the device.

The set is a Premium Bandai exclusive release and is set to be shipped in March 2016. Before shipping and fees, the set is going to cost ¥16,200. As a Premium Bandai exclusive, fans will have to head to their favorite online shop or middleman service to preorder. Preorders begin November 2nd, 2016 and will conclude November 30th, 2015.

Source: Premium Bandai


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