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Tamashii Nations 2015: Kamen Rider Roundup


Tamashii Nations 2015: Kamen Rider Roundup

Ghost SHF

Several new figures were revealed this last weekend at the annual Tamashii Nations event. 

Starting from 2000 onward, fans of Kamen Rider Kuuga will be overjoyed as SS SHFs for both Ultimate Kuuga and N Daguva Zeba were teased at the event.


Those who thought the Kamen Rider Ryuki line was over are incorrect. Kamen Rider Knight’s Dark Raider was shown, as well as the previously confirmed Dragranzer.

Knight Survive

Kamen Rider Kabuto will not only see his secondary Rider Gatack, in SS form, But we are also going to be seeing their bikes which despite Kabuto;s popularity, have not been seen in figuart form.


Kamen Rider Decade’s Kamen Rider Diend was also shown in SS SHF form.

Diend 1

Kamen Rider Gaim had a plentiful fruits basket worth of figures shown off this weekend. Not only did Lord Baron make a reapperance, we also saw Kamen Rider Duke Dragon Arms, Gaim Yomi, and Baron Ringo Arms represented in SHF form.  Also shown were Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, and Zangetsu in SIC form.

Gaim Group

Kamen Rider Drive’s series of figuarts is beginning to wind down. At the show we got to see Brain, Gold Drive, Mach Chaser, and Type Torideron.

Gold Drive

Last but not least, Kamen Rider Ghost‘s first few figuarts were also shown. Ghost Ore, Musashi, Edison, Newton, and Robin Hood were shown. As well as the Ghostriker. Spectre was also at the show, however he was blurred from all official photos.

Ghost Display

Stay tuned to the Tokusatsu Network for prices and release dates for these figures as we come to know them.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. swooordplay

    November 5, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Something tells me, if this is like past events, that most of these may not actually make it to release.

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