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DX Break Gunner Drive Saga Ver. Promo Showcases Super Mashin Chaser


DX Break Gunner Drive Saga Ver. Promo Showcases Super Mashin Chaser


Premium Bandai uploaded a new PV for the DX Break Gunner (Drive Saga Ver.) that showcases Chase’s new form, Super Mashin Chaser.

When the first Drive Saga V-Cinema starring Chase was announced, it was also revealed there would be a special edition of the DVD and Blu-Ray that included an all-new DX Break Gunner toy. The updated DX Break Gunner (Drive Saga Ver.) includes new features and sounds that weren’t in the original retail version. Also included with the special edition set is an all-new Viral Core called the Rhino Super Viral Core.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 2.56.11 AM

While the special edition DVD and Blu-Ray is available at some Web retailers like or, Bandai is also selling the special edition through its Premium Bandai Web store. To promote the release, Bandai has uploaded a new promotional video (PV) starring Taiko Katono (Chase). The video gives us a look at the new DX Break Gunner’s ability to read the included Rhino Super Viral Core. This Viral Core transforms Chase into Super Mashin Chaser, a newly-decorated gold version of Mashin Chaser.

“I am Chase. I used to be Machine Chaser, guard and grim reaper of the Roidmudes. Now I am a Kamen Rider that protects humanity. I follow the rules and obtained my driver’s licence. However, I don’t understand human emotions…”

The Premium Bandai listing also shows off the DX Break Gunner (Drive Saga Ver.)’s ability to transform into Mashin Chaser and read all of the Shift Cars, Signal Bikes, and Viral Cores that the original DX Break Gunner could read. In addition, the updated DX Break Gunner (Drive Saga Ver.) is now capable of performing the Triple Tune seen in the series, if the user inserts the three different types of Chaser Viral Cores. Finally, the DX Break Gunner (Drive Saga Ver.) will also include a number of phrases recorded by Katono as Chase, taken straight from the Kamen Rider Drive series and films.

The special edition of the Drive Saga Kamen Rider Chaser V-Cinema releases on April 20th, 2016. The Blu-Ray special edition is available for pre-order for ¥11,880 while the DVD special edition will cost ¥10,800. Both prices are before any additional shipping and middleman fees. If you plan on picking this up from Premium Bandai directly, you must do so through your preferred middleman service or store.

Toei also released a promotional photo of Super Mashin Chaser to promote the film.


Source: Premium Bandai, (Image)

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