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DX Black Ringo Lockseed Announced By Premium Bandai


DX Black Ringo Lockseed Announced By Premium Bandai


Premium Bandai has announced the release of the Black Ringo Lockseed, as seen in episode 47 of Kamen Rider Gaim.

The Gaim toy line has expanded far and wide thanks to Premium Bandai, but one Lockseed seen in the show always remained unreleased. Premium Bandai has finally changed that with the release of the DX Black Ringo Lockseed Kamen Rider Jam Set.


The Black Ringo Lockseed is a repaint of the previously released Ringo Lockseeds done in opaque black plastic. Like most Premium Lockseeds, the back button of the toy will cycle through quotes from Jam, Kouta, and Mitsuzane from the final episode of the series. The toy can be used in the DX Sengoku Driver to initiate the transformation sounds and final attack sounds. The Lockseed is also compatible with all other Lockseed enabled toys such as the DX Musou Saber, DX Genesis Driver, and DX Sonic Arrow.


Also included is the Jam Face Plate for the DX Sengoku Driver. The face plate enables the default “Soiya!” sound in the DX Sengoku Driver.

The set is set for release by Premium Bandai in May, 2016 for ¥2,160 before fees and shipping. Preorders are now open for the set, and will close on February 12, 2016. As a Premium Bandai item, be sure to contact your preferred middleman service or store to get a preorder in.

Source: Premium Bandai

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