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Next Time on Ultraman X: Episode 13

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Next Time on Ultraman X: Episode 13

[NOP] Ultraman X - 12 [Clean Screen] [1080p].mkv_snapshot_24.28_[2015.10.09_20.24.37]

Sho/Ultraman Victory and Arisa fight alongside Daichi and X in Episode 13 of Ultraman X: The Sword to Victory

Episode 13: The Sword to Victory
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto

The man who came traversing dimensions was Sho/Ultraman Victory! Sho together with the UPG member Arisa Sugita explains to Daichi and the others about the siblings Gina and Mordo Specter and their activities on Earth. They decide to cooperate to face this new threat.

Sho, having heard about Daichi and X from Zero, points out that Daichi is not using X Exceed’s power to its fullest. Daichi will start a harsh training regime under Sho to improve.

Source: TV-Tokyo

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