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Next Time on Kamen Rider Ghost: Episode 3

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Next Time on Kamen Rider Ghost: Episode 3

Ghost 3a

Takeru and his friends set up shop in Episode 3 of Kamen Rider GhostBullseye! The Bow of Justice!

Episode 3: Bullseye! The Bow of Justice!
Written by Takuro Fukuda
Directed by Kyohei Yamaguchi

Takeru has now decided to become a ghost hunter and Onari creates the “Strange Phenomenon Laboratory” to assist him. Akari, having been attacked by the Ganma in the past, has no choice but to help out as well.

After a series of robberies of corrupt politicians and unethical businessmen is reported on TV as work of a phantom thief called “Little John”, Takeru goes to investigate. Meanwhile, Akari starts analysing the monolith at the Tenku Temple. Onari is startled at this atypical harmony the two are showing. The Strange Phenomenon Laboratory receives their first client. Onari is extremely enthusiastic, unaware of the consequences this will bring.

According to the Hermit, the next hero is a famous thief that punished and stole from the corrupt and helped people in the woods of England.

90 days left and 13 Eyecons to go.

Sources: TV-Asahi, Toei

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