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Godzilla vs. Kong Slated for 2020 Release


Godzilla vs. Kong Slated for 2020 Release


In an official press release, Legendary and Warner Bros. announced the new Godzilla shared universe.

The success of Godzilla (2014) was a large part of the inspiration for a resurgence in the kaiju genre’s popularity. Since its release, Japanese studios Toho and Kadokawa have both announced new titles in their previously dormant Godzilla and Gamera franchises. Looking to capitalize on this trend, Legendary and Warner Bros. Pictures are reviving a famous monster rivalry with Godzilla vs. Kong, which will be the first time film’s most famous giant monsters have met since 1962’s King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Legendary’s CEO, Thomas Tull, said:

Audiences really responded to Godzilla. Today, I’m excited to reveal that film was only the beginning of an epic new entertainment universe. As a lifelong fan of these characters, I’ve always wanted to see the ultimate showdown, and today we’re pleased to be announcing that and more.

The giant ape last starred in his own movie back in 2005, and will be making his big comeback in Kong: Skull Island, starring Tom Hiddleston and directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Gareth Edwards is still attached to direct Godzilla 2. Kong: Skull Island’s release is set for March 10, 2017, and Godzilla 2 will follow on June 8, 2018. The two monstrous icons will clash in 2020 with Godzilla vs. Kong, but no cast or crew announcements have been made yet.

Source: Business Wire

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