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Next Time on Ultraman X: Episode 5

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Next Time on Ultraman X: Episode 5


[NOP] Ultraman X - 04 [Clean Screen] [1080p].mkv_snapshot_24.28_[2015.08.06_22.24.48]

Ultraman Zero appears next time on Ultraman X: Episode 5: Aegis, The Time to Shine.

Episode 5: Aegis, The Time to Shine

The development of technology from Xio to turn monsters into Spark Dolls has been making progress. When the monster Black King arrives, Daichi unites with X and confronts it but Knucklean Alien Bandero uses this opportunity to steal the Spark Dolls from Asuna and the others.

However, none other than Ultraman Zero appears to prevent this. Cornered, the Knucklean kidnapps Rui and jumps into another dimension. Zero and X join forces to rescue Rui.

New episodes of Ultraman X are streamed every Tuesday on Crunchyroll.

Source: TV-Tokyo

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