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Bandai/Tamashii Nations Reveals Winspector Figures


Bandai/Tamashii Nations Reveals Winspector Figures


S.H.Figuarts of characters from the Metal Hero series, Special Rescue Police Winspector, have been unveiled by Tamashii Nations.

This year’s Tamashii Nations summer display in Akihabara has revealed an exciting collection of new Kamen Rider and Gundam figures, but perhaps the most surprising revelation of all was the fully completed figures of the three heroes from Toei’s 1990 Metal Heroes series, Special Rescue Police Winspector.

The figures depict the three heroes of the series, Ryoma Kagawa, also known as Fire, and the two Winspector support droids, Bikel and Walter. With a shiny metallic paint finish and their accessories from the show, these figures caused quite a reaction on Twitter when they were unveiled.

Photo Courtesy AmiAmi

Photo Courtesy of AmiAmi

Special Rescue Police Winspector was the first of the Rescue Hero subseries of the Metal Heroes shows, which also includes direct sequels Solbrain and Exceedraft. Winspector is unique among tokusatsu shows for using normal criminals and science as enemies — things that were within the realm of possibility rather than aliens or other unrealistic elements. It enjoyed immense popularity in Latin America, Europe, and Indonesia in the 90s.

Details on the price and release date for the figures have not yet been made available on the Tamashii Nations web site.

Source:  AmiAmi

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