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Scans Reveal StarNinger & New Kibaoni General Information


Scans Reveal StarNinger & New Kibaoni General Information


New magazine scans reveal a plethora of information about upcoming events in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.


AkaNinger and Raizo Gabi will have another direct confrontation in an upcoming episode.


StarNinger makes his official appearance. Kinji Takigawa, an American “Yokai Hunter” and globetrotter, asked Yoshitaka to mentor him out of admiration and has come to Japan to become a real ninja. His older brother and father were also Hunters. Kinji speaks in a thick Tokyo dialect that he learned by watching historical dramas and rakugo.

Yoshitaka refused to take him in as an apprentice unless he can defeat him. However, after being ambushed once, Yoshitaka tells Kinji that he can become an apprentice if he manages to defeat his grandchildren. In order to have them available for defeat at any time, Kinji becomes a helper at the Igasaki dojo.


Kinji transforms by placing his StarNinger Shuriken into the Ninja Star Burger. StarNinger enjoys taking selfies with the yokai by using the Ninja Star Burger Selfie Mode. He carries his personal weapon, the Star Sword Gun, in a guitar case. In order to give his enemies few opportunities to attack, Kinji’s general fighting style is very aggressive and fast. He handles his sword in a straight samurai style.

Using a manual on constructing OtomoNin that was written by Yoshitaka himself, Kinji made his mecha, RodeoMaru and Bison King on his own. Bison King has two modes, the four-wheeled Buggy mode and the robot mode.


As part of their training, Yoshitaka has Kinji and Takaharu battle. Currently, they are both on par with each other, though Kinji has slightly better defense.


Kasumi has invented the OtomoNin translation device that allows her to hear the OtomoNin’s feelings.


ShurikenJin and BisonKing combine with the Gattai Nin Shuriken into King ShurikenJin. They will first face an enlarged Raizo Gabi.


King Shurikenjin’s finisher is the King Hatenko Giri (King Unprecedented Slash), which is powered by ShinobiMaru on the front and RodeoMaru on the back. The weapon used is the Bison Drago Sword.


Upcoming yokai have also been revealed as Ittanmomen (Carpet), Daidarabocchi (Excavator) and Enraenra (Kettle).


The Hitokarage soldiers can be powered up by one of the general’s magic and become Jukkarage. (“Hito” means “one” while “Ju” means “ten”) A new Kibaoni general has been revealed, the army’s Chief Retainer Masakage Tsugomori (Tsugomori refers to the final day of the lunar calendar. The New Moon). A wise and experienced tactician with a taste for playful strategies and mysterious magic. He wears the central part of an Okina (old man) Noh Mask.

Kyuemon seems to know everything about Yoshitaka. The Last Ninja’s unwillingness to take in apprentices seems to have something to do with Kyuemon. The Shuriken of the End has the power to destroy the world.

Source: TV Magazine May 2015 issue

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