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Joe Odagiri’s Second Son, Aged 1, Passes Away


Joe Odagiri’s Second Son, Aged 1, Passes Away


Tragic news was reported from former Kamen Rider Kuuga actor, Joe Odagiri, and his wife, actress, Yuu Kashii of the loss of their one-year old son earlier in the week due to intestinal complications.

An official press release from the couple was faxed to media outlets on the 24th. According to Odagiri’s managing agency, their son was diagnosed with intestinal ileus– a disruption in the intestinal movement– and underwent emergency surgery on the 14th. His condition suddenly worsened on the 20th and he passed away at 6:23 that morning.

Odagiri and Kashii met while filming The Pavillion Salamandre on 2006 and married on February of 2008. Their first son was born on November 2011 with their second born on April of last year.

Their official announcement was as follows:

We, Joe Odagiri and Yuu Kashii, would like to let you know that our second son underwent emergency surgery on the 14th of April after being diagnosed with intestinal ileus. Treatment continued but his condition suddenly worsened on the 20th and he passed away at 6:23.

The funerary procedures have already taken place.

It was a very short life the one our son had but we want to express our appreciation for the love and support he received.

Source: Oricon Style
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:  Yahoo! Japan

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. frances soares

    April 14, 2017 at 11:51 am

    4-14-2017 Fri. Good Friday, My deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family. I just been watching some of Joe Odagiri’s movies this morning and just reading Wikipedia about him found the article about his second son’s passing. So, so sorry to hear that then I realized that today is the day about a year ago of his having that emergency surgery. What a difficult, painful, stressful time for the family to go through praying that he’ll recover. There is no consolable words that can be said really when parents lose their babies, so unfortunate. It saddens me to hear that he suffered so, and to have his parents witness all that suffering. It’s just so heartening yet I’m sure he felt all the genuine, sincere love from his parents and family every moment of his life. May he be always in their embracing love, shared memories of happiness that he brought to them all, may he rest in peace, always and forever, sayonara

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