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Ultraman Girls Exhibit to be held in Akihabara


Ultraman Girls Exhibit to be held in Akihabara


Tsuburaya’s new exhibition give the Ultra monsters a major makeover.

A new collaboration from Tsubuara and Kadokawa publishing will see the monsters from the Ultraman franchise re-envisioned as cute and playful girls adorned in costumes and featuring traits based on their monster counterpart. Many employees with Nitro+, a studio associated with Kamen Rider Gaim head writer Gen Urobuchi, will contribute to the project by designing their own female versions of these monsters.

From the livedoor announcement:

The monsters of the Ultraman series are re-imagined… as cute girls! An event called “Ultra Monster Anthropomorphic Exhibition” has been scheduled. The announcement on YouTube features designs of the various humanoid versions of the monsters. Attendees noted that even when the characters are re-imagined as cute girls, the aesthetic and characteristics of the original Ultra Monsters are well preserved.

The plan to re-imagine the characters has been gaining popularity since it was first showcased by KADOKAWA in Dengeki G’s Magazine and Dengeki Hobby Magazine. The exhibition, a joint production of Tsubaraya Productions and KADOKAWA movie, is scheduled to be shown in Akihabara’s “GAMERS” main store from Saturday, February 28 to Sunday, March 15.

Artists and designers include many well known contributors from popular software company nitro+ and others.

YouTube videos showcased designs for such popular and familiar Ultra Monsters such as Ultraseven monsters Capsule Monster Windom, Alter Ego Alien Guts, and Space Robot King Joe. Other redesigned monsters who once menaced Ultraman 80 include Ancient Monster Gomora and the Spoiled Child Monster, Zandrias.

Also appearing will be the legendary Ghost Monster Seabozu, and the Space Dinosaur Zetton. Even a version of Skull Monster Red King goes on a cute rampage. Lastly, Ancient Monster Twin Tail from Return of Ultraman is there, drawing laughs since she, of course, has a girl’s “twintail” hairstyle.

The event begins in Akihabara on February 28th, continuing through March 15th!

Source: livedoor, Tsuburaya YouTube


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