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Yuki Kubota, Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Talks Gaim V-Cinema


Yuki Kubota, Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Talks Gaim V-Cinema

takatora interview

Takatora Kureshima (Kamen Rider Zangetsu) actor, Yuki Kubota sat down for an interview with Uchusen Magazine to discuss the Kamen Rider Gaim spin-off V-cinema.

In the interview, Kubota discusses when he found out about the V-cinema and what fans can expect from it, including a bed scene.

Since when were you aware there would be a spin-off V-cinema?
I think it was right before shooting the last episode. Back then it was more like wishing it could go through. The actual greenlighting was right before shooting the Gaim x Drive movie.

I didn’t really think much of it except for wondering who would appear along Takatora.

Tell us the highlights of this movie.
I think it is Takatora’s change of heart. I think that is the axis of this movie. Along with the conflict Takatora has around episode 20 of the series, his relationship with Ryoma and the fulfillment of their ambitions is also a highlight. Also, the bed scenes, they will be very wet (laughs). (This plays with the slang word for bed scene in Japanese 濡れ場, nureba literally means “wet situation”.)


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Source: Uchusen Issue 147

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