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Ultraman Victory to Appear in New Ultra Fight Series


Ultraman Victory to Appear in New Ultra Fight Series


Ultraman Ginga S‘ Ultraman Victory will be getting a new Ultra Fight spin-off series this spring. 

Titled Ultra Fight Victory, this new series, spun-off from the forthcoming Ultraman Ginga S movie, Decisive Battle! The 10 Ultra Warriorswill headline a new flute sword-wielding blue version of Victory named Ultraman Victory KnightNew allies and villains will make their debut in what is being described as a Short Non-Stop Action Drama. Koichi Sakamoto will be returning to direct the series after having worked on the Ginga S TV series and movie. The episodes are expected to follow the Ultra Fight format by being 3 and a half minutes as opposed to the standard length of a television episode.


Ultra Fight was originally a series of 195 shorts featuring stock footage and brand new fights utilizing Tsuburaya’s costumes from Ultraseven and Ultraman. The series proved popular enough to revive the Ultra Series in 1971 with The Return of Ultraman. Following a series of spin-offs, including Mirror Fight in 1974 with Mirrorman, the Ultra Fight format returned to television in 2013 with Ultra Zero Fight.

Ultra Fight Victory is slated to begin airing as part of Shin Ultraman Retsuden’s 8th cour on March 31st, following after the release of the Ultraman Ginga S movie on March 14th.

Source: Shin Ultraman Retsuden Blog

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