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TokuNet Anniversary Week: Senior Editor, Tom Constantine

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TokuNet Anniversary Week: Senior Editor, Tom Constantine


From January 5th to 10th, the Tokusatsu Network celebrates its One Year Anniversary. Throughout the week, the members of Team TokuNet looks back on their first year together.

Senior Editor, Tom Constantine got his introduction to tokusatsu while living in Asia in the 80’s with vague memories of Metal Hero and Ultraman. He would go on to run the Henshin Justice Unlimited news page before moving on to be one of the founding members of the Tokusatsu Network in January of 2014. He currently lives in Tokyo, where he can be occasionally seen as a background extra in tokusatsu shows and movies.

Did you feel nervous or worried in the weeks leading up the launch date?

Nah, I was actually quite excited and teased it a bit on social media and I was actually amazed that people took notice and recognised our names, knowing it was a good thing.

TokuNet gathered 7,000 visitors and over 12,000 views in its first week with only three articles. How did you feel seeing that kind of response? Do you remember your first thoughts or reactions when you saw the response from that first week?

I actually remember being “Yes. Now, let’s double it.” At first, I was a bit unsure if it would work out or just fall flat on our faces, but it didn’t. I feel like we hit the ground running and I don’t want to stop. (The messages from our audience) were surprisingly positive. What struck me as the best part though were some readers saying “Finally!” as if they had a reliable website they could go to read about tokusatsu for once. Which was funny, because that’s actually the website I want to visit.


After 3 months TokuNet brought in new writers, after 4 months it launched its YouTube channel, and in its 8th month, both the podcast and its new forum launched with an even greater need to expand its staff and community, considering this kind of growth, do you have a sense of tension or excitement? What would be your hopes and fears for TokuNet in the future considering how much things have grown logistically in such a short amount of time?

I will admit to thinking about the YouTube page too much as I’m in charge of it. After doing one interview with an actor and booking another two on the same day, Kuniharu and I were giggling to ourselves about how we’ve only been operating for a few months and doing so well at something no one else seems to be doing.

Since its launch, TokuNet averages about 90,000 visitors a month and that number continues to grow, what is your personal hope and goals for TokuNet’s future and as a team?

Be a tokusatsu hero. It’ll happen.

What inspires you to keep moving forward creatively in your personal projects, as well as your projects and goals for TokuNet?

We’re not even halfway to our final goal yet, which is both scary and exciting. With regards to the YouTube page, we have lots of things scheduled and planned that we hope everyone will look forward to.

Library professional, co-host of the Comfort Society podcast, and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Tokusatsu Network from 2014 to 2018.

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