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TokuNet Anniversary Week: Staff Writer, Nick Bush

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TokuNet Anniversary Week: Staff Writer, Nick Bush


From January 5th to 10th, the Tokusatsu Network celebrates its One Year Anniversary. Throughout the week, the members of Team TokuNet looks back on their first year together.

Staff Writer, Nick Bush, got his start in tokusatsu similar to most by watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as well as all of Saban’s tokusatsu adaptations– except for Masked Rider, which is a fact Nick finds odd to this day. He also watched Godzilla films as it was available on cable networks and the 4Kids dub of Ultraman Tiga. In 2008, Nick continued on watching tokusatsu with Kamen Rider Kabuto.


Nick’s personal writing blog, Robot Breakfast

In 2014, Nick started his personal writing blog, Robot Breakfast. A few months later, Nick became a permanent staff writer for the Tokusatsu Network, tackling both news and regular reviews. In July of 2014, Nick started the TokuNet Film Club, a twice a month review of tokusatsu movies.

How’d you hear about the Tokusatsu Network?

I think it was through a link on /m/. I remember being relieved that there was finally a toku site that looked and felt professional.

What was it about contributing to TokuNet that appealed to you?

The aforementioned professionalism, and the opportunity to flex my writing muscles on a subject I cared about.

Did you have an reservations or concerns about contributing to the site?

Nothing specific to TokuNet, just the usual aspiring writer’s insecurities. “Am I good enough?” “Will people care what I have to say?” That sort of thing.

How have things changed for you since starting the site?

People are reading what I’m writing, which still blows my mind. I’m writing a lot more non-TokuNet stuff too.


a TokuNet Film Club post

How would you describe working with the other staff members?

A blast. Mike Dent’s knowledge base constantly surprises me. I’m super jealous.

Do you have any hopes or goals for the future of TokuNet itself and as a team?

I hope we get bigger and better, and personally I’d like to see more regular opinion pieces and podcasts. Stuff with more of our personal stamp on it, you know?

A private jet would be nice too.

It seems like you’re not the first TokuNet staff member to want a jet.

Jets are cool.

The Tokusatsu Network is comprised of various individuals from different avenues who have come together to provide quality tokusatsu news coverage.

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