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BoukenPink, Haruka Suenaga, to Appear in Kamen Rider Drive


BoukenPink, Haruka Suenaga, to Appear in Kamen Rider Drive


BoukenPink actor Haruka Suenaga announced in her blog on January 11th that she will be appearing in two episodes of Kamen Rider Drive.

According to her blog post, Haruka Suenaga will be making an appearance on episodes 14 and 15 of Kamen Rider Drive, which air on January 18th and 25th, respectively.

Episode 15 will also see the appearance of Suenaga’s Boukenger co-star, Masashi Mikami, who announced his appearance in a later blog post. Suenaga also mentions that she is a huge fan of the show.

Haruka Suenaga starred in the 2006 Super Sentai series, Gogo Sentai Boukenger, as Sakura Nishihori/BoukenPink.

“I finally have some news for everyone and I am allowed to post about it without worrying about the spoiler bans.
I will be appearing in the Kamen Rider Drive episodes that will air on 1/18 and 1/25 this month.
I have really really wanted to appear in them.
“Even if it were for just a scene or for a cut” I kept telling the manager in charge.
I put in everything I got into that wish.
I’ve endured a lot of pain, bruises and itches as well. Actually, it was nothing but pleasant.
I will always feel anxious when it comes to any type of acting roles.
But when my nephew began watching Drive…
I watched one episode and was immediately glued. I’ve been watching it without missing an episode.
Yep, I’m a fan now.
I always put in all my effort into my roles. I love my roles so much that I will always lose myself into these roles.
But but but
I wanted to meet Drive
I wanted to be alongside him.
Because I have a dignity as an Aunty.
Though, if I did say that I’d be scolded
I tell myself.
I will do my best like anybody else would.
But I won’t lie…
It is something I really wanted to do.
So that’s one dream granted.
I do encourage everybody to watch them.
And I get to relive some nostalgic feelings with my team.
To everyone who has supported me,
Lets all watch and enjoy these episodes together.

PS. I hope the Supervisor who allowed me this role enjoys it as well.”

Source: Haruka Suenaga’s blog

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