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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Figure Scans


Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Figure Scans


In addition to the accessories, the toy catalog pages for the first Ninninger figure and mecha line-up have been posted.

Firstly, there’s the Ninnin Action Series of figures pictured above. The first three releases are Akaninger, Aoninger, and Kininger. Each figure stands 135mm tall with 13 points of articulation.

Included with each figure are their versions of the Karakuri Hengen, a Gamagama Juu, and the Ninja Ichibantou. The molds are a change of pace from previous figure releases, as they appear to be using Bandai America’s “Action Hero” mold, as opposed to new creations.

All three figures will be released on February 2015 for ¥1,500 each.

Next, we have the Sentai Hero Series releases for all five Ninninger: Akaninger, Aoninger, Kininger, Shironinger, and Momoninger. Each vinyl figure will be released on February 2015 for ¥800 each. Also shown is a vinyl figure for Akaninger’s mecha, Shinobimaru. It will also be released on February 2015 for ¥800.



Shown in the above two-page spread is Shuriken Gattai DX Shurikenjin. Shurikenjin is comprised of five main components: Shinobimaru (a red ninja), Dragomaru (a blue dragon), Dumpmaru (a yellow dump truck), Wanmaru (a white dog), and Byunmaru (a pink bullet train). Together they form Shurikenjin.

The gimmick behind Shurikenjin is swappable “pilots” that sit in the middle portion of the robot. The default combination has Shinobimaru sitting in the middle. However, Dragomaru can unfold and sit in the middle to create a new transformation called Shurikenjin Dragon. This new formation has Shinobimaru folded up to form a new arm;  also included is a shuriken that forms the head of the robot. You can swap rings on this shuriken to give the helmet different appearances depending on which form it is in. DX Shurikenjin will be released on February 2015 with no set retail price as of yet.




The first of the Otomo Shinobi Series is Paonmaru, a green elephant mech that adds to the chest piece of Shurikenjin, featuring green armor that includes a sword with an ax accessory.  Its centerpiece keeps the shape of an elephant’s head with its front two feet. Similar to its base form, Paonmaru’s entrance will feature a sound effect: “Wasshoi! Paoooon! Shurikenjin Paoon!”.  Paonmaru will be available on March 2015 for ¥2,800.



Lastly, the second Otomo Shinobi is UFOmaru. A flying saucer headpiece that is placed right on top of Shurikenjin as well as arms the large mech with a new weapon. Its centerpiece has a design that looks similar to a sentient figure sitting in its center. Whether this is intentional or not for its design has yet to be revealed. UFOmaru will be available on March 2015 for ¥2,800 as well.

Source: Mecha Imports

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1 Comment

  1. theaverageguytag

    December 11, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    ‘The molds are a change of pace from previous figure releases, as they appear to be using Bandai America’s “Action Hero” mold, as opposed to new creations.”


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